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595. Smallness (See also Dwarfism.)

  1. Alice nibbles a magic cake to become a pygmy. [Br. Lit.: Alices Adventures in Wonderland ]
  2. Alphonse petite page to Mr. Wititterly. [Br. Lit.: Nicholas Nickleby ]
  3. Andorra small state of 191 square miles, between France and Spain. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 100]
  4. Anon, Mr . a deformed and hunchbacked midget. [Br. Lit.: Memoirs of a Midget, Magill I, 577579]
  5. hop-o-my-thumb generic term for a midget or dwarf. [Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 544]
  6. Liechtenstein central European principality, comprising 65 square miles. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 1578]
  7. Lilliputians race of pygmies living in fictitious kingdom of Lilliput. [Br. Lit.: Gullivers Travels ]
  8. Little Tich midget music-hall comedian of late 1800s. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1082]
  9. Luxembourg duchy of 999 square miles in Western Europe. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 1632]
  10. Miss M . perfectly formed midget leads the pleasant social life of a young lady but disappears mysteriously. [Br. Lit.: Walter de la Mare Memoirs of a Midget in Magill I, 577]
  11. Mowcher, Miss kindhearted hairdresser of small stature. [Br. Lit.: David Copperfield ]
  12. Pepin the Short first Frankish king; progenitor of Carolingian dynasty. [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 20, 25]
  13. Quilp, Daniel small man with giant head and face. [Br. Lit.: Old Curiosity Shop ]
  14. Rhode Island smallest of the fifty states; nicknamed Little Rhodie. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2315]
  15. Stareleigh , Justice a most particularly short man. [Br. Lit.: Pickwick Papers ]
  16. Thumb, Tom (18381883) stage name for the midget, Charles Sherwood Stratton. [Am. Hist.: Benét, 1016]
  17. Thumbelina tiny girl, rescued by a swallow, marries the tiny king of the Angels of the Flowers. [Dan. Lit.: Andersens Fairy Tales ]
  18. Zacchaeus little man took to tree to see Christ. [N.T.: Luke 19:34]