Smarandache, Florentin

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SMARANDACHE, Florentin. American (born Romania), b. 1954. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Art/Art history, Education, Mathematics/Statistics, Philosophy, Theatre, Autobiography/Memoirs, Translations. Career: Teacher, tutor, and professor in Romania, Turkey, Morocco, USA, 1981-95; Honeywell Inc, software engineer, 1990-95; University of New Mexico, assistant professor of mathematics, 1997-. Publications: Formulas for the Spirit, 1981; Collection of Poetical Exercises, 1982; Feelings Made in Laboratory, 1982; The Sense of the Nonsense, 1983; Ante-rooms and Anti-poems, or Bizarreries, 1984; Integer Algorithms to Solve Linear Equations and Systems, 1984; Out in the Left Side (play), 1990; NonPoems, 1990; Only Problems, Not Solutions!, 1991; Dark Snow, 1992; Circles of Light, 1992; (trans.) Keys of the Earth, 1992; The PARADOXISM: A New Literary Movement, 1992; Without Me, How Is the Poetry Going?, 1993; MetaHistory (plays), 1993; NonNovel, 1993; Silence's Bell (poetry), 1993; Escaped, 1994; An Anthology of the Paradoxist Literary Movement, 1993; Trickster's Famous Deeds (children's plays), 1994; I Exist against Myself, 1995; Philosophia Paradoxistae (essay), 1995; Emigrant towards Infinity (poems); Collected Papers (I), 1996; Word Tunnels (poetry), 1997; Scrieri defecte, 1997; (trans.) Afinitati, 1998; Professor in Africa, 1999; Intreaba-ma sa te-ntreb, 1999; New Literary Terms, 1999; Cum am descoperit America, 2000; Destin, 2000; Cantece de mahala, 2000; In Seven Languages, 2000; Second International Anthology on Paradoxism, 2000; Third International Anthology on Paradoxism, 2000; Dedications, 2000; A Unifying Field in Logics (essay), 2000; Outer-Art, the Worst Possible Art in the world, 2002. Address: University of New Mexico, 200 College Rd, Gallup, NM 87301, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]