Roth, Emery

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Roth, Emery (1871–1948). Hungarian-born American architect. He emigrated to Chicago, IL, and worked for Burnham & Root before joining (1895) Richard Morris Hunt. Having established his own office in 1898, he designed numerous high-rise buildings in NYC, many of them apartment-blocks or hotels, in which he used a simplified Classicism derived form the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago (1893), mingled with other themes drawn from the Aesthetic Movement and Art Nouveau. Among his works in NYC may be cited 509 West 121st Street (1910–11), 601 West End Avenue (1915–16), the Beresford Apartments, Central Park West (1928–9), the fine San Remo Apartments, Central Park West (1928–9), the Art-Deco Ardsley Apartments (1930–1), and the Normandie Apartments (1938–40). His sons Julian (1902–92) and Richard (1905–88), and grandson Richard II (1933– ) continued the practice, designing Modernist buildings (e.g. the Look Building, Madison Avenue (1946–50). The firm collaborated with Yamasaki on the twin-towered World Trade Center, NYC (1964–74— destroyed 11 September 2001).


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