Roth, Heinrich

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Missionary in India, Sanskrit scholar; b. Augsburg (Bavaria), Dec. 18, 1620; d. Agra, India, June 20, 1668. He had illustrious parents. He entered the Jesuits in 1639, was assigned to the Ethiopian mission, and in 1651 by the land route arrived in Goa; he was active in the nearby peninsula of Salsette. Then he was sent on an embassy to one of the native princes, and finally, in 1653, reached the Empire of the Great Mogul during the reign of Shâh Jahân (d. 1666). Roth was appointed rector of the Jesuit residence in Agra in 1659. He learned Urdu, Persian, and Sanskrit, and was the first European to compile a Sanskrit grammar. Roth was a friend of the explorer Francis Bernier, who admired his knowledge of Indian philosophy and religion. Roth spent 1664 in Rome and Germany but soon returned to India, where he died.

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