Petersen, Johan Carl Christian

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Petersen, Johan Carl Christian (1871–1923). Danish architect and ceramic artist who was prominent in the Neo-Classical trend in that country from c.1910. He made an especial study of the works of C. F. Hansen and M. G. Bindesbøll. His best work is the exquisite Fåborg Museum, Funen (1912–15—with furniture by Kaare Klint (1888–1954)), in which the influence of the earlier masters is clear, and was a manifestation of the return to Neo-Classicism. He was a vigorous polemicist and prolific writer on architecture, notably in the journal Architekten. Some of his projects (e.g. the unrealized proposals for the old railway-station area of Copenhagen (1919—with Ivar Bentsen (1876–1943)) anticipate the Neo-Rationalism of Rossi and others in the 1970s.


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Petersen, Johan Carl Christian

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