Mozuma, Monta Kikoh

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Mozuma, Monta Kikoh (1941– ). Japanese architect. He made his name with the Anti-Dwelling Box (M House), Kushiro (1972). His other buildings include the Yin-Yang House, Kushiro, Hokkaido (1980–3), Kushiro Marshland Observatory, Hokkaido (1984), Kushiro City Museum, Hokkaido (1984), and the Unoki Elementary School, Wakamicho, Akita (1988). He has seen his work in terms of Buddhism and natural symbolism: e.g. the three display-floors of his Kushiro City Museum represented Earth, Man, and the Heavens, and the spiral stairs were likened to the double helix of DNA. He has described himself as a ‘megalomaniac architect, following the examples of Vitruvius and Alberti’.


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