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449. Mistresses (See also Courtesanship, Prostitution.)

  1. Abra favorite concubine of Solomon. [Br. Lit.: Solomon on the Vanity of the World, Benét, 3]
  2. Bains, Lulu to Elmer Gantry. [Am. Lit.: Elmer Gantry ]
  3. Brangwen, Ursula living with Anton Skrebensky without marriage license causes shock. [Br. Lit.: The Rainbow, Magill I, 800802]
  4. Bridehead, Sue of Jude Fawley; two children by him. [Br. Lit.: Jude the Obscure ]
  5. Burden, Joanna mistress and benefactor to Joe Christmas. [Am. Lit.: Light in August ]
  6. Gournay, Mlle. de Montaignes adopted daughter. [Fr. Hist.: Brewer Handbook, 633]
  7. Guinevere, Queen King Arthurs wife; Sir Launcelots mistress. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte dArthur ]
  8. Lady Chatterly mistress of the gamekeeper Mellors. [Br. Lit.: Lawrence Lady Chatterlys Lover in Benét, 559]
  9. Maintenon, Marquise de royal mistress and later wife of Louis XIV. [Fr. Hist.: Benét, 622]
  10. Merle, Mme . Osmunds mistress, by whom he has a daughter, Pansy. [Am. Lit.: James Portrait of a Lady in Magill I, 766]
  11. Perdita stage name of Mary Robinson, mistress of George IV when he was Prince of Wales. [Br. Hist.: Benét, 773]
  12. Pompadour, Marquise de influential mistress of Louis XV. [Fr. Hist.: Benét, 802]
  13. Roxana mistress of many before marrying one of her lovers. [Br. Lit.: Roxana ]
  14. Simonet, Albertine paramour of narrator. [Fr. Lit.: Remembrance of Things Past ]