Maiano Brothers

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Maiano Brothers. C15 Florentine architects. Giuliano da Maiano (1432–90) designed the Chapel of Santa Fina in the Collegiata, San Gimignano (1466–8), where he was influenced by Brunelleschi and Michelozzo, and the Palazzo Spannocchi, Siena (1473–5), where the watered-down themes derived from Alberti's Palazzo Rucellai, Florence. In Florence itself he probably designed the portico of Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel (1472), and in 1474 was called to Faenza where he designed the Cathedral. From 1485 he worked in Naples and built the Porta Capuana and the Villa di Poggio Reale (c.1488—destroyed), one of the most important early Renaissance villas derived from Classical sources which later influenced Peruzzi at the Villa Farnesina, Rome (1509–11).

Giuliano had two brothers, Giovanni (1439–78) and Benedetto (1442–97). The latter collaborated with Giuliano at the Gimignano Chapel, may have designed the portico of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Arezzo (1490–1), and was involved in the construction of the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, which was mostly Cronaca's work.


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