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Leuthner or Leitner von Grund, Abraham (c.1639–1701). Born in Upper Austria, he became active as an architect in Prague when the influence of the Italians was in decline. He built the Černín Palace, Prague (1669–92), to designs by Caratti, and designed the Cistercian Abbey Church of Waldsassen, Bavaria (1681–1704), although Georg and Christoph Dientzenhofer (whose sister Anna was married to Leuthner) seem to have had more than a little influence in shaping the final design. From the 1680s Leuthner supervised the fortifications in Bohemia. He published (1677)an architectural treatise containing many designs of fountains, portals, etc., that appears to have been used by the Dientzenhofers and Fischer von Erlach. Leuthner was instrumental in promoting the careers of the Dientzenhofers.


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