Jussow, Heinrich Christoph

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Jussow, Heinrich Christoph (1754–1825). German Neo-Classical architect. He trained under S. -L. du Ry from whom he acquired a Palladianism derived from England, but he had a taste for a simpler, more severe style that developed during his time with C. de Wailly in Paris (1784). He is known for his completion of du Ry's work at Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel (1791–8), including the massive central block and the creation of the Picturesque garden complete with water-works and fabriques in various exotic styles. Also at Kassel he designed Schloss Löwenburg (1793–8—an early example of the Gothic Revival in Germany, much influenced by English precedents and Picturesquely composed) and many other buildings, including the charming mausoleum of Kurfürstin (Electress) Wilhelmine Karoline von Hessen, Luther Cemetery, Kassel (1820).


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