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367. Ineptitude (See also Awkwardness.)

  1. Brown, Charlie meek hero unable to kick a football, fly a kite, or win a baseball game. [Comics: Peanuts in Horn, 543]
  2. Capt. Queeg incompetent commander of the minesweeper Caine. [Am. Lit. and Cinema: Wouk The Caine Mutiny in Benét, 157]
  3. Dogberry officious, inept constable. [Br. Lit.: Much Ado About Nothing ]
  4. Fife, Barney deputy who cant be trusted with loaded gun. [TV: The Andy Griffith Show in Terrace, I, 5556]
  5. George of the Jungle bungling do-gooder. [TV: Terrace, I, 305306]
  6. Gilligan whose every action reeks of incompetence. [TV: Gilligans Island in Terrace, I, 312313]
  7. Gordon, Dr. called a butcher for his needless and bungled operations. [Am. Lit.: Kings Row ; Magill I, 478]
  8. Hagar the Horrible soft-hearted, unkempt Viking whose raids yield minuscule plunder. [Comics: Horn, 299]
  9. Halftrack, General the ultimate in inept officers. [Comics: Beetle Bailey in Horn, 105106]
  10. Hound, Huckleberry bungler trying to find niche; always fails. [TV: The Huckleberry Hound Show in Terrace, I, 367377]
  11. Klink, Colonel naive official in charge of prisoner-of-war camp. [TV: Hogans Heroes in Terrace, I, 357358]
  12. Lucky Eddie Hagars chinless aide, bungles the simplest assignments. [Comics: Hagar the Horrible in Horn, 299]
  13. Marplot actions are well-meant, but his continual interference ruins lovers plans. [Br. Drama: The Busybody in Barnhart, 185]
  14. Orbaneja obliged to label painted objects for identification. [Span. Lit.: Don Quixote ]
  15. Peter Principle, The book stating, in a Hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to the level of his incompetence. [Am. Lit.: The Peter Principle, Payton, 522]
  16. Sad Sack who cant do anything right. [Comics: The Sad Sack in Horn, 595596]
  17. Scarecrow cant live up to his name. [Am. Lit.: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ; Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 780]
  18. Schultz, Sergeant bumbling assistant to Colonel Klink at Stalag 13. [TV: Hogans Heroes in Terrace, I, 357358]
  19. Slop, Dr. country doctor attends Tristram Shandys birth and crushes the infants nose with his forceps. [Br. Lit.: Tristram Shandy in Magill I, 1027]
  20. three men in a boat inexperience makes their trip on the Thames become a series of misfortunes. [Br. Lit.: Jerome Three Men in a Boat in Magill II, 1018]
  21. Toody and Muldoon twin antitheses of New Yorks Finest. [TV: Car 54, Where Are You? in Terrace, I, 138139]
  22. Tumbleweeds worlds most incompetent sheriff. [Comics: Horn, 673]
  23. White Knight invents clever objects that never work. [Br. Lit.: Lewis Carroll Through the Looking-Glass ]