Howell, Killick, Partridge, & Amis

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Howell, Killick, Partridge, & Amis. British architectural firm established in 1959 by William Gough Howell (1922–74), John Alexander Wentzel Killick (1924–71), John Albert Partridge (1924– ), and Stanley Frederick Amis (1924– ). With the London County Council Architects' Department they designed the Roehampton Lane Housing, London (1951–60), with blocks based on greatly scaled-down images of Le Corbusier's Unités. Work included buildings at St Anne's College, Oxford, using precast concrete elements (1960–9), the new Hall and Common Rooms, St Antony's College, Oxford (1966–71), and various building in Cambridge, including the combination-room, hall, and kitchens at Downing College (1965–70). Later works include the Warrington Crown and County Court House, Ches. (1992).


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