Howells, John Gwilym

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HOWELLS, John Gwilym

HOWELLS, John Gwilym. British, b. 1918. Genres: Horticulture, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology. Career: Formerly, Director, Institute of Family Psychiatry. Publications: Family Psychiatry, 1963; (co-author) Family Relations Indicator, 1967; Theory and Practice of Family Psychiatry, 1968; Remember Maria, 1974; Principles of Family Psychiatry, 1975; Integral Clinical Investigation, 1982; (with Osborne) A Reference Companion to the History of Abnormal Psychology, 2 vols., 1984; (co-author) The Family and Schizophrenia, 1985; (co-author) Family Diagnosis, 1986; Plantsman's Guide to Clematis, 1990; Growing Clematis, 1994; Roses & Clematis, 1995; The Viticellas, 1999; Choosing Your Clematis, 2000. EDITOR: Modern Perspectives in Psychiatry Series, 1965-; World History of Psychiatry, 1974; Advances in Family Psychiatry, 2 vols., 1979-80. Address: c/o Hill House, Higham, Colchester CO7 6LD, England.