Herigoyen, Emanuel Joseph von

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Herigoyen, Emanuel Joseph von (1746–1817). Portuguese architect. He designed the gardens at Schönbusch, near Aschaffenburg, in the English style, and built there a pavilion in an early Neo-Classical style (1778–9). He was responsible for the staircase at Aschaffenburg Schloss, and designed the churches at Esselbach (1779) and Sulzbach-am-Main (1786). Later, at Regensburg, he built the Theatre (1804—des-troyed 1849), the circular Kepler Memorial (1808), and other works. In Munich he designed the Volkstheater (destroyed), the Greek Revival entrance to the Botanical Gardens (1812), and the Palais Montgelas (1810–11).


Jane Turner (1996)

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Herigoyen, Emanuel Joseph von

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