Garrett, Daniel

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Garrett, Daniel (d. 1753). English builder and architect. A protégé of Burlington, he acted as clerk of works for many projects before establishing his own practice in c.1735, designing numerous schemes in the North of England. He added the steps, balustrades, and outer court to Hawksmoor's great mausoleum at Castle Howard, Yorks. (1737–42), which had Burlingtonian influences from the celebrated Villa at Chiswick. He was not averse to using Rococo plasterwork or to designing in the Gothick taste (e.g. Banqueting House, Gib-side, Co. Durham (1751) ). He brought out the first book ever published on farm-buildings, Designs and Estimates of Farm-Houses, etc. …. (1747). He may have been related to, or had business connections with, James Paine, who succeeded him as architect in many locations (e.g. Gibside).


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