Fuksas, Massimiliano

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Fuksas, Massimiliano (1944– ). Italian architect. Among his works may be cited the Palazzetto dello Sport and San Giorgetto School, Anagni (1979–88), the Town Hall and Library, Cassino (1985–90), the Médiathèque, Rézé, Nantes (1987–91), the École Nationale d'Ingén-ieurs de Brest (ENIB—1992), the entrance to the caves at Niaux, Ariège (1988–93), the Arts Centre, Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux (1993–5), and the Law and Economics Faculty, Limoges University (1990–96). His Centro Congressi Italia, Rome, a solid within a glass box, was designed 2000–4.


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