Eldem, Sedad Hakki

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Eldem, Sedad Hakki (1908–88). Turkish architect. A pupil (1929–30) of Poelzig, he attempted to merge his Modernist beliefs with Turkish architecture. His early works include the State Monopolies General Directorate, Ankara (1934–7), the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Istanbul (1942–3), and the Faculty of Sciences, Ankara (1943–5). The last two were influenced by Bonatz, with whom Eldem worked. His Taşlik Coffee-House (1947–8— destroyed) attempted to interpret C17 timber-framed Ottoman domestic architecture using C20 reinforced concrete as the structure. He won international recognition for his Zeyrek Social Security Agency, Istanbul (1962–4), and designed numerous buildings along the banks of the Bosphorus in which the influence of traditional Ottoman architecture, as illustrated in his magisterial Türk Evi (Turkish House) of 1984–7, is clear. A good example is the Rahmi Koç villa, Tarabya (1975–80). He also designed several embassy buildings in Ankara (1964–77).


Jane Turner (1996)