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196. Doubles (See also Twins.)

  1. Amphitryon and Jupiter god assumes mans form to lie with his wife. [Rom. Lit.: Amphitryon ]
  2. Darnay, Charles physical duplicate of Carton. [Br. Lit.: A Tale of Two Cities ]
  3. fetch a Doppelganger. [Irish Folklore: Leach, 376]
  4. My Double and How He Undid Me story of a lazy minister who has his look-alike impersonator do all his chores. [Am. Lit.: Hayden & Fuller, 456]
  5. Prince of Wales switches places with his double, poor boy Tom Canty. [Am. Lit.: The Prince and the Pauper ]
  6. Sam and Eric their identities merge as Samneric. [Br. Lit.: Lord of the Flies ]
  7. Sosia and Mercury god assumes slaves identity. [Rom. Lit.: Amphitryon ]
  8. Wilson, William his Doppelganger ultimately kills him. [Am. Lit.: William Wilson in Portable Poe, 5782]

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