Doubrava, Jaroslav

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Doubrava, Jaroslav

Doubrava, Jaroslav, Czech composer; b. Chrudim, April 25, 1909; d. Prague, Oct. 2, 1960. He was a student of Otakar Jeremias (1931–37). During the German occupation of his homeland, he was active in the partisan movement. After the liberation in 1945, he joined the staff of the Czech Radio in Prague, where he served as head of music (1950–55). Among his compositions are particularly well-crafted works for the theater.


DRAMATIC Opera : Sen nod svatojanske (A Midsummer Night’s Dream; 1942–49; Opava, Dec. 21,1969); Kfest svateho Vladimira (The Conversion of St. Vladimir; 1949–50; unfinsihed); Liny Honza (Lazy Honza; 1952; unfinished); Balada o Idsce (Ballad of Love) or Ldska carovana (Love Bewitched), opera-ballad (1960; orchestrated by J. Hanus; Prague, June 21, 1962). B a l l e t : Krai Ldvra (King Lavra; 1951); Don Quijote (1955). ORCH.: 3 syms.: No. 1, Chordlni (1938–40), No. 2, Stalingradskd (1943–44), and No. 3, Tragickd (1956–58); Partisan March (1945); Festive March (1945); Autumn Pastorale (1960; arranged from his unfinished 4th Sym. by O. Macha). CHAMBER : 2 violin sonatas (1942,1958); Sonata for Solo Violin (1942). Piano : Suite (1937); Sonatina (1938); Sonata (1948–9); children’s pieces. VOCAL: Poselstvi (The Message), oratorio (1939–40); Bala o krdsne smrti (Ballad of a Beautiful Death), cantata (1941); song cycles.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Doubrava, Jaroslav

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