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190. Disillusionment

  1. Adams, Nick loses innocence through WWI experience. [Am. Lit.: The Killers]
  2. Angry Young Men disillusioned postwar writers of Britain, such as Osborne and Amis. [Br. Lit.: Benét, 37]
  3. Blaine, Amory world-weary youth, typical of the lost generation that finds life unfulfilling. [Am. Lit.: This Side of Paradise ]
  4. Chardon, Lucien (de Rubempré ) young poet realizes he is not destined for success. [Fr. Lit.: Balzac Lost Illusions in Magill II, 595]
  5. Chuzzlewit, Martin swindled, becomes disillusioned with Americans. [Br. Lit.: Martin Chuzzlewit ]
  6. de Lamare, Jeanne heartbroken by her husbands neglect and the discovery of his infidelities. [Fr. Lit.: Maupassant A Womans Life in Magill I, 1127]
  7. Dodsworth, Sam disillusioned with wife, European tour, and American situation. [Am. Lit.: Dodsworth ]
  8. Eden, Martin attains success as a writer but loses desire to live when isolated from former friends and disenchanted with new ones. [Am. Lit.: Martin Eden ]
  9. Journey to the End of the Night exposing the philosophy of post-war disillusionment. [Fr. Lit.: Journey to the End of the Night, Magill I, 453455]
  10. Kennaston, Felix learns in middle age that his life of romantic dreams was baseless. [Am. Lit.: The Cream of the Jest in Magill I, 168]
  11. Krasov, Kuzma Ilich frustrated writer considers life complete waste. [Russ. Lit.: The Village ]
  12. Loman, Willy salesman victimized by own and Americas values. [Am. Lit.: Death of a Salesman ]
  13. Lost Generation intellectuals and aesthetes, rootless and disillusioned, who came to maturity during World War I. [Am. Lit.: Benét, 600]
  14. March, Augie everyone got bitterness in his chosen thing. [Am. Lit.: The Adventures of Augie March ]
  15. Melody, Cornelius a failing tavern-keeper, flamboyantly boasts of his past. [Am. Drama: Eugene ONeill A Touch of the Poet in Benét, 737]
  16. Mysterious Stranger, The naive youth is convinced by the devil that morals are false, God doesnt exist, and there is no heaven or hell. [Am. Lit.: Benét, 697]
  17. OHanlon, Virginia (18901971) N.Y. Sun editorial dispels her disillusionment about Santa Claus (1897). [Am. Hist.: Rockwell, 188]
  18. Pococurante wealthy count who has lost his taste for most literature, art, music, and women. [Fr. Lit.: Candide ]
  19. Rasselas prince and his companions search in vain for greater fulfillment than is possible in their Happy Valley. [Br. Lit.: Rasselas in Magill I, 804]
  20. Smith, Winston clerk loses out in totalitarian world. [Br. Lit.: 1984]
  21. Webber, George finds his native Southern town has degenerated morally and that his idealized, romantic Germany is corrupted. [Am. Lit.: Thomas Wolfe You Cant Go Home Again ]