Collcutt, Thomas Edward

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Collcutt, Thomas Edward (1840–1924). Oxford-born English architect who worked in Street's office before establishing his own London practice in 1869. Collcutt's work was in a free Renaissance style, of which the façades of the Royal English Opera House (later Palace Theatre), Cambridge Circus, London (1889), and the very fine Imperial Institute, London (1887–93, lamentably demolished except for the handsome tower), were the best examples. He also worked in a relaxed Arts-and-Crafts style, designing houses at Totteridge, Herts. (1904), and the library, tuck-shop, and Murray Scriptorium at Mill Hill School, London (of the same period). From 1906 he was in partnership with Stanley Hinge Hamp (1877–1968), with whom he designed parts of the Savoy Hotel, London, in a simplified Renaissance manner much influenced by American precedents.


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