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Carlone Family. Numerous family, originally from Lombardy, they worked as artists, masons, stuccoers, painters, and architects in Central Europe from C16 to C18. Among the most distinguished members were Carl(o) Martin(o) (1616–79), architect of the residence of the Esterházy family at Eisenstadt (1663–72), a vast Baroque palace built around a court of honour and embellished with twin towers. He also worked on the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in Vienna. Carlo Antonio (1635–1708) planned (from 1686) the great Abbey of St Florian and the exquisite Pilgrimage Chapel at Christkindl (begun 1706), Upper Austria, both completed by his pupil Prandtauer. A. Silvestro Carlone (c.1610–71) was probably the architect of the façade of the Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church) ‘Am Hof’, or Neun Chören der Engel (Nine Choirs of Angels), Vienna (1662), with its projecting wings and a central balcony behind which the Baroque front of the church rises. This arrangement is partially derived from Mansart's Baroque Minimes Church, Paris, and integrates the front of the church with the flanking palatial façades. The façade is often attributed to Carlo Antonio Carlone.


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