Canevale, Isidore Marcel Armand

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Canevale, Isidore Marcel Armand (1730–86). French architect. Trained under Servandoni, he settled in Austria in 1760, and worked as Court Architect in Vienna. Among his designs the triumphal arch in Innsbruck (1765) and various summerhouses, the Allgemeines Krankenhaus (1783), and the Military College of Surgery and Medicine (the Josephinum of 1783–5), all in Vienna, may be cited. His masterpiece is the Cathedral at Vác, Hungary (1763–77), the central dome, coffered ceiling, and vast Corinthian portico. of which are as advanced works of Neo-Classicism as anywhere else in Europe at that time. He designed gardens at Bernolákovo, Slovakia (1763), and Laxenburg, Austria (from 1782—in which the English style of landscape was employed).


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