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jetty,jettie, jutty.
1. Projection of a timber-framed upper storey overhanging a wall beneath, usually formed by the cantilevered floor-joists and beams supporting the bressummer from which the projecting timber-framed wall rises. Associated with the jetty are:hewn jetty: wall-post thickened above the lower storey.jetty-bracket: curved bracket under a jetty, usually associated with a support for the bressummer or dragon-beam;jetty-bressummer: cill-beam on the ends of jettied beams or joists, often given additional support by jetty-brackets;jetty-plate: wall-plate of the storey on which the jetty rests;

2. Construction carried out from land into deep water to protect a harbour and act as a landing-stage.


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jet·ty / ˈjetē/ • n. (pl. -ties) a landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored. ∎  a breakwater constructed to protect or defend a harbor, stretch of coast, or riverbank.

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jetty pier running out into the sea, etc.; †overhanging upper storey. XV. — OF. jetee, getee projecting part of a building, structure to protect a harbour, sb. use of fem. pp. of jeter throw; see JET2.