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1. An alternative name for the Middle Jurassic Epoch, which is dated at 178.0–157.1 Ma ( Harland et al., 1989). It is preceded by the Lias, followed by the Malm, and comprises the Aalenian, Bajocian, Bathonian, and Callovian Ages. Some authors do not recognize the Aalenian as a separate age, including it instead within an enlarged Bajocian Age.

2. The name of the corresponding European series, which is roughly contemporaneous with the uppermost Herangi and lower Kawhia (New Zealand).

3. A lithostratigraphic unit in the Aalenian of Yorkshire, England.


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dogger two-masted fishing vessel XIV. — MDu. dogger trawler, fishing-boat (Du. dogger codfisher), of uncert. orig.