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In the late twentieth century, the term "dogmatic theology" generally gave way, in the English-speaking world, to the term "systematic theology." Here the former term is retained to signify systematic reflection on the subjects enunciated in the dogmas of the Church. The principal article is dogmatic theology; see also thelogy and theology, history of. Each of the major areas of dogmatic theology is outlined in a separate subject-area article: god, articles on; trinity, holy, arti cles on; creation, articles on; man, articles on; jesus christ, articles on; grace, articles on; mary, blessed virgin, articles on; church, articles on; sacraments, articles on; eschatology, articles on. Key elements in the formulation of dogmatic theologyas based in dogmaare treated in separate articles: dogma; dogmatic fact; defintion, dogmatic; depos it of faith; doctrine; doctrine, development of; ar ticle of faith; hierarchy of truths; notes, theological.

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