Is it True That First Love Never Dies?

first love never dies

Many people say that a first love never dies.  Truthfully, most people can recall their first love and do so fondly.  Does that mean that first love never dies?  Is it because it’s true love?  According to movies, that could be the case.  Is it really true though?

Movies like The Notebook are filled with first love never dies sentiments.  The mother in that movie even took her daughter (from another man) to see the man she called her first true love.  She talks in that scene about how first love never dies as she cries over the man she could have married.  Given this happens a lot, it seems common for women (and men) to pine after their first love or any love lost.

Are people supposed to stay with their first love?  Are they supposed to go the extra mile to make that first love work?  Some people think yes, that is the case and others believe that first love is puppy love.  Some aren’t sure that puppy love is true love and therefore can’t believe is sticks around. If you ask the teenagers choosing “their song” over the phone though – it absolutely is.  On the other hand, some people believe that first loves take place before we understand what love is.

First love never dies or just silly puppy love

There’s no way to speculate about the true-ness of a person’s love, even if they are teenagers.  First loves are about excitement and newness and whole different set of feelings to contend with.  Does that mean that first loves are just puppy love?  We aren’t convinced.

Regardless of whether it is true or not doesn’t seem to have an impact on whether or not first loves die.  For this reason, it’s much more likely that first loves never die because they were the first.  And may be it isn’t that the love never dies but instead that the memories of first loves never die.

First love never dies or true love never dies?

Considering the way human brains work, it’s more accurate to assume that first loves never die because the emotions with them are so strong.   Strong emotions stick with us, good or bad, they never die, so to speak.  And according to many people, it isn’t just their first love that holds a place in their heart and mind forever.  Several have said that true love never dies, whether it be the first one or the last one.

Looking back on high school and a plethora of first loves around me, I can see why they say that first loves never die.  But the definition of love back then was entirely different than it is now.  Perhaps first love is true love and the idea of true love changes over time.  If that’s true what never dies are the memories of those feelings and that excitement.

Since the brain remembers things that are charged with emotion, almost all love is never forgotten.  Even if that love was only one-sided or ended in a terrible breakup, people still remember that love and what happened as a result of it.  Love is a tricky emotion and that’s why first love never dies and neither does any true love.


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