Skelton, Matthew 1971–

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Skelton, Matthew 1971–


Born 1971, in Southampton, England. Education: University of Alberta, B.A., M.A.; Somerville College Oxford, D.Phil., 2000.


Home—Alberta, Canada.


Writer, 2001—. Visiting lecturer, University of Mainz, Germany, 2001.


Endymion Spring (novel), Delacorte Press (New York, NY), 2006.


Endymion Spring was optioned for film by Warner Brothers.


Hailed as "‘The Da Vinci Code for kids,’" aaccording to a Teen contributor, Matthew Skelton's novel Endymion Spring tells the story of a powerful book that is rumored to contain all the world's knowledge. The book is discovered in Oxford University's famous Bodleian Library by Blake, the son of a visiting professor. In his novel, Skelton details not only Blake's story, but also that of Endymion Spring, an apprentice to innovative fifteenth-century printer Johann Gutenberg. Endymion has to keep the singular book out of the hands of Gutenberg's patron, the evil Fust. Like Endymion, Blake also "finds himself prey to dark forces," declared Caroline Sanderson in Bookseller, "who will stop at nothing to get their hands on The Last Book." "Allusions to legends and poetry mix with the appeal of a magical book that only answers questions in riddles," stated a Kirkus Reviews contributor. Noting the novel's appeal to "book lovers in particular," a Publishers Weekly reviewer concluded that readers "will savor [the] … palpable whiff of musty shelves and dusty volumes" that emanates from Skelton's fiction debut.

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