Skei, Hans H. 1945-

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SKEI, Hans H. 1945-

PERSONAL: Born 1945.

ADDRESSES: Offıce—Institutt for nordistikk og litteraturvitenskap, Postboks 1013, Blindern, N-0315 Oslo, Norway. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, professor of comparative literature and department chair.


"Not of the South, but of the Soul": William Faulkner's"The Sound and the Fury": et forsøk på forståelse av romanen, og på å vise hvordan dikteren når en universell mening gjennom det nære og velkjente, [Oslo, Norway], 1972.

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The Novelist As Short Story Writer: A Study of WilliamFaulkner's Short Stories with Special Emphasis on the Period 1928-1932, two volumes, University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway), 1979, published as William Faulkner. The Novelist As Short Story Writer: A Study of William Faulkner's Short Fiction, Universitetsforlagert (Oslo, Norway), 1985.

William Faulkner: The Short Story Career: An Outline of Faulkner's Short Story Writing from 1919 to 1962, Universitetsforlaget (Oslo, Norway), 1981.

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Fragmenter til et Kiellandbilde: forelesninger fra Kiellandseminaret i Det norske videnskaps-akademi 25-26. februar 1999, Det norske videnskapsakademi (Oslo, Norway), 2000.

SIDELIGHTS: Hans H. Skei is a University of Oslo professor of comparative literature who has become a specialist in the writings of William Faulkner, especially his short stories. His publications about Faulkner, many of which have appeared in English, are mainly of interest to academics studying the finer points about Faulkner's work. For example, Skei's William Faulkner: The Short Story Career: An Outline of Faulkner's Short Story Writing from 1919 to 1962 is best used as a reference for those who wish to learn such facts as when a certain story was composed, how it was revised, and when and under what circumstances it was published. As a Choice contributor noted, this "is not a critical study" and "even a Faulkner specialist will not read this book for pleasure." Stephen M. Ross, in an article for Modern Fiction Studies, similarly noted, "This is a book of interest primarily to scholars working out details of Faulkner's career. Skei tells us virtually nothing about the stories as literature, and his own presentation is laborious at best." However, an American Literature contributor asserted that Skei's study "deserves to be . . . closely studied."

More recent Faulkner studies by Skei include such works as William Faulkner's Short Fiction: An International Symposium and Reading Faulkner's Best Short Stories. In the former, the scholar picks twelve of the author's stories for in-depth discussion. Although Mississippi Quarterly contributor Roy R. Behrens had issues with what he considered poor copyediting and proofreading of the text, the critic complimented Skei's book for being "rich in insights." Behrens further noted, "Skei's careful unfurling of stories from 'Barn Burning' to 'Wash' is admirable, and while his sane and sober readings might not break much new ground . . . it is hard not to be charmed by the voice of good common sense that he adopts throughout." Reading Faulkner's Best Short Stories offers similar analyses of Faulkner's short works in "an effective examination of strong stories," according to T. Bonner, Jr. in Choice.



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