Tada, Joni Eareckson 1949-

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Tada, Joni Eareckson 1949-


Born 1949; married Ken Tada (a retired teacher), 1982. Hobbies and other interests: Painting.


Office—Agoura Hills, CA.


Founder and chief executive officer, Joni and Friends (Christian ministry), Agoura Hills, CA, 1979—, and of the Joni and Friends International Disability Center. Served on National Council on Disability; senior associate, Disability Concerns for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization; board member, Christian Writers Guild, Christian Medical and Dental Society, and New Europe Communications; honorary cochair, Presidential Prayer Team; member, Disability Advisory Committee, U.S. State Department, 2005—. Advisor to National Institute on Learning Disabilities, American Leprosy Mission, Christian Blind Mission International, and Love and Action.


Golden Plate Award, American Academy of Achievement; Courage Award, Courage Rehabilitation Center; Award of Excellence, Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center; Victory Award, National Rehabilitation Hospital; Golden Word Award, International Bible Society; Layperson of the Year, National Association of Evangelicals; Churchwoman of the Year, Religious Heritage Foundation, 1993; Gold Medallion, Evangelical Publishers' Association, 1997, for Tell Me the Promises, 1998, for Tell Me the Truth; Silver Medal, C.S. Lewis Awards, 1997, for Tell Me the Promises; William Ayer Award, National Religious Broadcasters' Association, 2002; Golden Medallion Award, 2003, for When God Weeps, 2004, for Hymns for a Kid's Heart, Volume 1; Golden Medallion Lifetime Achievement Award, Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, 2003; inducted into the Christian Booksellers Association Hall of Fame. Honorary bachelor's degree, Western Maryland College; doctor of humanities, Gordon College; D.H.L., Columbia International University; doctor of divinity, Westminster Theological Seminary and Lancaster Bible College.


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Joni was adapted as a feature film.


An athletic teenager who loved to swim and ride horses, Joni Eareckson Tada had her life changed forever when she was seventeen. She dived into the shallow end of a pool and broke her neck in 1967. Paralyzed, she has been a quadriplegic ever since, a disability that severely tested her Christian beliefs. She seriously contemplated suicide, as she told an interviewer on the Notes in the Key of Life Web site: "I was so depressed, so discouraged … and when I was even brave enough to think about living life sitting in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, without use of my hands, I begged my friends to aid me in suicide. I asked them to bring in their mothers' sleeping pills, their father's razor blades, anything to put me out of my misery." Tada eventually found the strength to go on with her life through her religious faith. Seeking to inspire others with disabilities, she founded the ministry Joni and Friends. The organization serves the public in many ways. For example, they refurbish thousands of wheelchairs and distribute them to the needy worldwide, they aid hundreds of families whose members have special needs, and they provide educational and religious support through publications, organized retreats, radio broadcasts, and more.

Tada has written dozens of inspirational books, too, for both adults and children, including her autobiographical books Joni: An Unforgettable Story and The God I Love: A Lifetime of Walking with Jesus. The former was later republished as Joni and has been adapted as an inspirational film. A Publishers Weekly critic said of the autobiography that "Christian readers should appreciate this mature, absorbing reminiscence of a remarkable life," while Booklist reviewer Donna Chavez called it a "moving, well-told memoir."

Others with her disability have supported such causes as assisted suicide and stem cell research, positions that Tada has said her Christian beliefs do not allow her to support. Contrary to the position taken by the late actor Christopher Reeve, who supported the use of embryonic cells to repair nerve damage, Tada has felt that such research cheapens human dignity and the human soul. In How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World, which she cowrote, Tada addresses stem cell research, as well as other issues involving medical ethics, such as cloning, in vitro fertilization, and euthanasia. Graham Christian stated in his Library Journal review that the book is "thoughtfully argued." Assisted suicide is the topic of Tada's When Is It Right to Die? Suicide, Euthanasia, Suffering, Mercy. This is a subject that the author knows very well, and her conclusion that killing oneself is not the right choice thus bears considerable weight. Instead, she counsels those who are suffering to seek hospice care and to find comfort in the words of the Bible. Tada "delivers an eloquent, persuasive testimony," according to one Publishers Weekly reviewer. A writer for Issues in Law & Medicine concluded: "It presents a reasoned argument—including moral, emotional, philosophical, and spiritual aspects—to an issue society will increasingly face."



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