Sloane, Eugene A. 1926-2008 (Eugene Anthony Sloane)

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Sloane, Eugene A. 1926-2008 (Eugene Anthony Sloane)


See index for CA sketch: Born August 17, 1926, in New York, NY; died of pneumonia, March 29, 2008, in Wilmette, IL. Publicist, bicyclist, and author. Sloane spent most of the 1960s as a publicist for Maremont Corporation and the Midwest Stock Exchange. During those years he began to use a bicycle for transportation to work, even through Midwestern winters. As his physical fitness improved, bicycling became an important part of Sloane's life. He learned how to repair and maintain his bicycles, and he began to write about bikes and biking. He became an expert in his field, which included court testimony on bicycle accidents. By 1972 Sloane no longer needed his day job; he had become a full-time bicyclist and writer. Over the years, bicycling and books on cycling both increased in popularity, but Sloane's books, which were frequently updated and revised, remained essential components of sport and fitness literature. These books include The Complete Book of Bicycling (1971-1995), Eugene A. Sloane's Bicycle Maintenance Manual (1981, 1991), Sloane's Handy Pocket Guide to Bicycle Repair (1988, 1993), and Eugene A. Sloane's Complete Guide to All-Terrain Bicycles (1991).



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