Silver, Eve (Eve Kenin)

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Silver, Eve (Eve Kenin)


Married; children: two sons. Education: Holds two post-secondary degrees.


Home—Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. E-mail—[email protected].


Writer, novelist, and educator. Instructor in human anatomy. Worked in the health care industry for ten years.


Dark Desires, Zebra (New York, NY), 2005.

His Dark Kiss, Zebra (New York, NY), 2006.

Dark Prince, Zebra (New York, NY), 2007.

Demon's Kiss, Warner Forever (New York, NY), 2007.

(Under pseudonym Eve Kenin) Driven, Love Spell (New York, NY), 2007.


Eve Silver is a writer of gothic romance and contemporary paranormal romance novels. She also writes speculative, futuristic romance novels under her pseudonym Eve Kenin.

In His Dark Kiss, Silver pens a moody gothic story involving protagonist Emma Parrish, who flees the aunts who want to sell her off as a nobleman's mistress. To escape, she agrees to become the governess for her late cousin's son, Nicky. After a harrowing journey to Manorbrier castle, she meets six-year-old Nicky and his father, the forbidding but handsome Lord Anthony Craven. Though the castle is creepy and dark, she soon establishes a workable lifestyle and develops a genuine affection for young Nicky. The others around her are not as easy to warm up to as her young cousin. The servants are an intimidating group who are fiercely loyal to Lord Craven. As for Anthony Craven himself, he is darkly appealing, but rumor has it that he hurled his wife down a flight of stairs to her death. He spends most of his time in a mysterious tower, where dead bodies are delivered to him under the cover of night and where, it is whispered, Lord Craven is conducting evil experiments, or perhaps living his life as a death-obsessed ghoul. Lord Craven's grim reputation does not entirely match the nature of the man Emma gets to know—he loves his son, is kind when necessary, and conducts himself as a gentleman. Still, Emma cannot fathom what he does in his secret tower and often suspects the worst. Even more disturbing to her is the fact that she finds herself intensely attracted to Anthony. Further background of events at Manorbrier are eventually revealed, as Emma finds out about two previous governesses, dodges unusual accidents, and becomes even more involved with a man whose secrets could prove deadly. Booklist reviewer Diana Tixier Herald called the book a "deliciously gothic romance." Silver "deftly creates a foreboding atmosphere that colors all of Emma's encounters. The secondary characters are sharply written and interesting and enhance both the mood of the story and the relationship" between the two main characters, commented Armchair Interviews reviewer M.K. Dancy.

Dark Prince brings a desperate decision to disabled innkeeper Gideon Heatherington: When hard-hearted privateer Aidan Warrick demands payment on the inn's mortgage, Gideon has no choice but to sell his daughter, Jane, into Warrick's servitude for seven years. Initially, Jane finds Warrick terrifying, and Warrick himself struggles to maintain his distance from the lovely innkeeper's daughter. In time, however, Jane realizes that the rough and dangerous privateer has a caring side as well as painful secrets. Soon, the two begin to nurture their barely concealed attraction, and a powerful relationship develops between them. The "evolving, bittersweet relationship between the two damaged souls is, appropriately, this romance's strongest aspect," observed a Publishers Weekly reviewer.



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