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Prieboy, Andy


ADDRESSES: Agent—c/o Author Mail, Villard, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

CAREER: Singer, songwriter, musician, playwright, and writer. Worked with various bands, including Eye Protection; lead singer for band Wall of Voodoo, including on albums Seven Days in Sammystown, 1985, Happy Planet, 1987, and Ugly Americans in Australia, 1998. Once worked as a furniture mover in New York, NY.


(Author of lyrics) Upon My Wicked Son (music recording), Doctor Dream Records, 1990.

(Author of lyrics) Montezeuma Was a Man of Faith (music recording), Doctor Dream Records, 1991.

(With Merrill Markoe) The Psycho Ex Game (novel), Villard (New York, NY), 2004.

Also author of play White Trash Wins Lotto (musical satire), performed in Los Angeles and New York, NY.

SIDELIGHTS: Rock musician and composer Andy Prieboy was corresponding regularly with television comedy writer Merrill Markoe when the two began to discuss their horrible love life over the years. As a result, the pair eventually decided to write The Psycho Ex Game. The semi-autobiographical novel focuses on successful screenwriter Lisa Roberty and rock musician Grant Repka, who meet after a musical show by Grant about the failed romance between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The two begin to correspond by e-mail and, inspired by Grant's song "My Psycho Ex," begin to compete to see who has had worst love life. The resulting stories are told by Lisa and Grant in alternating chapters, all part of a game with a point system to determine in the end, which of them will win the bragging rights of having had the craziest lover. In time, Lisa discovers a new kind of intimacy with Grant, who is also becoming attracted to Lisa. Still, each of them wonders if the other is a potential "Pscyho Ex."

A Kirkus Reviews contributor commented that The Psycho Ex Game tallies up at "Half Hollywood horror story, half dippy relationship saga: about two thirds of a good book." A Publishers Weekly, reviewer called Prieboy and Markoe "talented storytellers" but felt that "the concept is more compelling than the finished product." The reviewer also wrote, "This may not appeal to a mainstream audience, but could secure a cult following." In a review in People, Bella Stander noted, "Summer reading doesn't get more fun than this." Prieboy is also the author of the musical satire White Trash Wins Lotto, which Ann Powers, writing in the New York Times called a "cruel comedy" that "keenly mocks insipid hard rock and the industry that promotes it."



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