Perkins, Dawson

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Perkins, Dawson

PERSONAL: Married; children: one son.

ADDRESSES: Home—SC. Agent—c/o Author Mail, Writers House, 21 West 26th St., New York, NY 10010.

CAREER: Writer and financial manager.


The Team (novel), Agate (Chicago, IL), 2004.

SIDELIGHTS: In her debut novel, The Team, Dawson Perkins tells the story of Gwen, a young African-American accountant who lives in Atlanta. Raped ten years earlier by a college basketball player named Terry, the professionally successful Gwen has continued to struggle with her memories of the event. Not only does she mistrust men, but she is incapable of having a fulfilling love life. Another former college teammate of Terry's, Xavier, has moved to Atlanta and begins working at the same firm as Gwen. He pursues Gwen, and romance develops despite Gwen's suspicions that Xavier may have been present during her rape. When Terry's team comes to town for a game, Gwen begins to face her demons. But Terry, who has continued his untoward way with women, dies within a few days of returning to the area, raising the question of whether or not Gwen killed him.

Writing in Black Issues Book Reviews, Jocelyn A. Wilson noted that while Perkins could have focused more on the plot, the book marks "a fascinating debut" and noted that its "narration is colorful, smart and realistic." A Publishers Weekly reviewer felt that "there's not much spark in this rather familiar plot," but "Perkins's ability to ping-pong between Gwen's love for Xavier and her fear of men" is "intriguing." Lillian Lewis concluded in Booklist that Perkins's effort has resulted in an "engrossing debut novel."



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