Perkins, Dwight Heald

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PERKINS, Dwight Heald

PERKINS, Dwight Heald. American, b. 1934. Genres: Economics, History, International relations/Current affairs. Career: Director, Asia Center, 2002-, H.H. Burbank Professor of Political Economy, 1981-, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (Instructor to Associate Professor, 1963-69; Professor of Economics, 1969-81; Associate Director, East Asian Research Center, 1973- 77; Chairman, Dept. of Economics, 1977-80; Director, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1980-95). Research Associate, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, 1968-69. Publications: (with M.H. Halperin) Communist China and Arms Control, 1965; Market Control and Planning in Communist China, 1966; Agricultural Development in China 1368-1968, 1969; China's Modern Economy in Historical Perspective, 1975; (with others) Rural Small-Scale Industry in the People's Republic of China, 1977; (with S.H. Ban and P.Y. Moon) Rural Development in Korea, 1980; (with E.S. Mason and others) Economic and Social Modernization in Korea, 1980; (with M. Gillis, S. Radelet, M. Roemer, D. Snodgrass) Economics of Development, 1983, 5th ed., 2001; (with S. Yusuf) Rural Development in China, 1984; China: Asia's Next Economic Giant?, 1986; (with M. Roemer) Reforming Economic Systems in Developing Countries, 1990; (with J. Stern, J.H. Kim, J.H. Yoo) Industrialization and the State: The Korean Heavy and Chemical Industry Drive; (with R. Pagett, M. Roemer, D. Snodgrass, J. Stern) Assisting Development in a Changing World: The Harvard Institute for International Development, 1980-95, 1997; (with L.M. Hsueh, C.K. Hsu) Industrialization and the State: The Changing Role of the Taiwan Government in the Economy, 1945-1998, 2001. Address: Department of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A. On- line address: [email protected]