Parker, Brant 1920-2007 (Brant Julian Parker)

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Parker, Brant 1920-2007 (Brant Julian Parker)


See index for CA sketch: Born August 26, 1920, in Los Angeles, CA; died of complications from Alzheimer's disease and a stroke, April 15, 2007, in Lynchburg, VA. Cartoonist and author. Parker was best known as the cocreator of the cartoon strip The Wizard of Id with Johnny Hart. While still attending the Otis Art Institute, his studies were interrupted by war and he served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Afterwards, he found work with Walt Disney Pictures and contributed to several "Donald Duck" and "Mickey Mouse" shorts. Parker then moved to Washington, DC, and was an advertising director for International Business Machines. In the 1960s he met Hart, and together they created The Wizard of Id about a goofy wizard, squat tyrant king, drunk court jester, and other colorful characters. Parker would work on other strips, including Crock and Goosemyer, but his most successful remained The Wizard of Id. After his death, which was just eight days after Hart's, Parker's son, Jeff, took over the strip.



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Parker, Brant 1920-2007 (Brant Julian Parker)

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