Mauterer, Erin Marie

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MAUTERER, Erin Marie


Female; married; children: two. Education: California State University, Chico, B.A., 1984.


Home and office—51 Ascot Dr., Ocean, NJ 07712. Agent—c/o Author Mail, Atori Publishing, P.O. Box 125, Olyphant, PA 18447. E-mail—[email protected]


Illustrator and designer.


Society of Illustrators, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Graphic Artists Guild, Children's Book Illustrators Group, Cat Writers' Association.


Muse Medallion Award, Cat Writers' Association, 1999; Benjamin Franklin Award, Publishers Marketing Association, 2001, for How Hilda Hushed Her Hiccups; Visual Puzzle of the Year Award, Highlights for Children magazine, 2001, for artwork published in the magazine's September, 2000, issue.



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Joseph S. Bonsall, The Home, Ideals Children's Books (Nashville, TN), 1997.

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Tini Sisters, How Hilda Hushed Her Hiccups, Atori Publishing (Olyphant, PA), 2000.

Janice Boland, I Meowed, Richard C. Owen Publishers (Katonah, NY), 2000.

Tini Sisters, Finny Finds Friends in the Forest, Atori Publishing (Olyphant, PA), 2000.

Also illustrator of It Works for Us!, by Tom McMahon; Red Hens Get a Ride, by Lois Bick; ALASKA-pacas: Furbanks, Moorage, and Homer, by Helen von Ammon; Lost Cat; The Mystery of the Missing Leopard; Alaska Llama, Far North Hero; Speedy Colt; and Seven Fat Cats.

Contributor of artwork and illustrations to publications such as Highlights for Children, First for Women, and Weekly Reader.


Artist and children's book illustrator Erin Marie Mauterer is a prolific contributor to a variety of works by publishers such as Pocket Books, Scholastic, Hambleton-Hill, Mondo Publishing, Silver Burdett Ginn, Harcourt Brace, Scott Foresman, and more. Her artwork styles range from finely detailed black-and-white renditions, to whimsical caricature, to colorful paintings designed to charm and intrigue young readers. Many of her projects involve young animals or other furry creatures in relatively realistic settings, as in Baby Calf, and in humorous adventures and situations, as in How Hilda Hushed Her Hiccups.

In addition to her work illustrating children's books, Mauterer has designed and illustrated greeting cards, book covers, magazines, and related material. She has contributed to magazines such as Highlights for Children, and won that publication's Visual Puzzle of the Year Award in 2001. Mauterer has also owned her own business, Blue Water Advertising and Design, in San Francisco, noted a biographer on the California State University, Chico Web site.

Mauterer's illustration work is featured in a series of books by Joseph S. Bonsall, tenor singer of the venerable country music group the Oak Ridge Boys. Mauterer illustrated Molly, The Home, Outside, and Brewster for Bonsall. Molly is a young calico kitten's dreamy reminiscence of how she was rescued from certain doom when her littermates were all taken away to an animal shelter. Molly returns in The Home, which tells the story of her insatiable curiosity to explore the world outside her home, despite her friends' warnings about the dangers there. A new cat arrives in the household in Outside, disrupting the lives of the original feline residents and leading Molly to step out into the world, where she finds that life as an outside cat is much less desirable than her comfortable life inside.

How Hilda Hushed Her Hiccups emphasizes the learning of letter sounds—in this case, the phoneme of the letter H—while telling the story of Hilda Hyena and her increasingly unusual attempts to quell her annoying hiccups. The book won the Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Award, recognizing excellence in independent publishing, in 2001. Reviewer Edward J. Earley, writing in Childhood Education called the book "very entertaining."



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