Maquet, Paul G. J. 1928-

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MAQUET, Paul G. J. 1928-

PERSONAL: Born July 17, 1928, in Liège, Belgium; son of René and Mariette (Jansen) Maquet; married Josette Dubois, August 12, 1952; children: Anne Maquet de Vera, Françoise Van Brabant-Maquet, Pierre, Jacqueline. Education: Université de Liège, M.D.

ADDRESSES: Home—25 Thier Bosset, B-4920 Aywaille, Belgium; fax: 00-324-384-4079. E-mail— [email protected].

CAREER: Physician. Clinique de l'Espérance, Montegnée Liège, Belgium, orthopedic surgeon. Military service: Belgian Army Medical Corps, surgeon, 1959-68; became major.

MEMBER: Société Belge de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (past president), Société Française de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique (honorary member).

AWARDS, HONORS: Honorary doctorate, University of Paris XII; Prix Joncheere.


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Biomechanics of the Hip, Springer (New York, NY), 1985.

translator from german

F. Pauwels, Biomechanics of the Normal and Diseased Hip: An Atlas, Springer (New York, NY), 1975.

F. Pauwels, Biomechanics of the Locomotor Apparatus, Springer (New York, NY), 1980.

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Also translator of books from German into French.

translator from latin

G. A. Borelli, On the Movement of Animals, Springer (New York, NY), 1989.

(With others) T. Kardel, editor, Steno: Life—Science—Philosophy, Danish National Library of Science and Medicine, 1994.

William Croone, On the Reason of the Movement of the Muscles, American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, PA), 2000.

Contributor of translations to periodicals.

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Maquet, Paul G. J. 1928-

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