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LABYORTEAUX, Patrick 1965-

(Patrick Laborteaux)

PERSONAL: Born July 22, 1965, in Los Angeles, CA; brother of Matthew Labyorteaux (an actor); married Tina Albanese (a producer), October 3, 1998; children: Jeau Bennett (son).

ADDRESSES: Office—10417 Ravenwood Court, Los Angeles, CA 90077.

CAREER: Actor and screenwriter. Performed with Groundlings (a comedy troupe), Los Angeles, CA. Actor in television series, including (as Andrew "Andy" Garvey) Little House on the Prairie (also known as Little House: A New Beginning), National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1977-81; (as Andy) The Last Frontier, Fox, 1996; and (as Lieutenant J. G. "Bud" Roberts) JAG, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1997—. Also played Lieutenant Bud Roberts in JAG (pilot), NBC, 1995. Guest star on television shows, including Starsky and Hutch, ABC, 1977; Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1979; The Love Boat, ABC, 1979 and 1981; 21 Jump Street, Fox, 1989; Paradise, CBS, 1990; Living Single, Fox, 1993; Too Something, Fox, 1995; Hope and Gloria, NBC, 1995; Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ABC, 1995; Spider Man: The Animated Series, Fox, 1995; Crook & Chase Show, 1996; Godzilla: The Series, 1999; and Yes, Dear, 2003. Actor in television movies, including (as Peter West) Only with Married Men, 1974; (as Ted Kennedy) Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy, 1977; (as Davey Byron) The Comedy Company, 1978; (as Justin Auerbach) Prince of Bel-Air, ABC, 1986; (as Amos Stewart) A Father for Charlie (also known as High Lonesome), CBS, 1995; and (as Police Officer Lane) The Stranger beside Me, 1995. Played Young Rory in television miniseries Captains and the Kings, NBC, 1976. Actor in films, including (under the name Patrick Laborteaux; as Peter) Mame, Warner Bros., 1974; Opening Night, Faces Distribution, 1979; (under name Patrick Laborteaux; as Bob) Terminal Entry, TBA Film, 1986; (under name Patrick Laborteaux; as Kevin Jones) Summer School, Paramount, 1987; (under name Patrick Laborteaux; as Ram) Heathers (also known as Fatal Game, Lethal Attraction, and Westerberg High), Cinemarque/New Line Cinema, 1989; (as Ed Young) Ski School, HBO Video, 1991; (as Mookey) Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College, LIVE Home Video, 1992; (as Fester) Three Ninjas, Buena Vista, 1992; (as voice) Adventures in Dinosaur City (also known as Dinosaurs), 1992; (as Young Hemlock) National Lampoon's Last Resort (also known as National Lampoon's Scuba School), Rose and Ruby, 1994; (as Clark) Hollywood Palms, 2001; and (as Blevins) Redemption of the Ghost, 2002.



(With Damien Lee) National Lampoon's Last Resort (also known as National Lampoon's Scuba School), Rose and Ruby, 1994.

(With Dean Cameron) Hollywood Palms, 2001.

Also wrote episodes for television series JAG and for comedy sketches with the Groundlings troupe.

SIDELIGHTS: Although best known as an actor, particularly for his role as Lieutenant J. G. "Bud" Roberts on the legal drama JAG, Patrick Labyorteaux has also done some screenwriting. Hollywood Palms, his second film script, was an independent production that took five years to produce. Written in collaboration with fellow actor Dean Cameron, Hollywood Palms is set in an apartment building of the same name and is composed of four overlapping stories about the people who live there. Cameron and Labyorteaux also play two of the roles in the film, those of Jeff and Clark, respectively. The stories told in the film were very personal to the writers: Labyorteaux drew on his own experiences as a child star in the television series Little House on the Prairie to write the part of Clark, a washed-up former child actor, and Cameron wrote another role, that of Matt, based on conversations with actor Matt Adler, who played that role in the film.



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