Kastner, Laura 1953-

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KASTNER, Laura 1953-


Born October 27, 1953, in Rockville Centre, NY; daughter of Rexford and Joan Allen Kastner; married Philip Mease, August 11, 1984; children: Cameron, Lindley Allen. Education: University of Virginia, Ph.D. (psychology), 1979; University of Washington, post-doctoral internship (clinical psychology), 1980.


Home—Seattle, WA. Office—University of Washington, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Box 359300, Seattle, WA 98195. E-mail—[email protected].


Professor, psychiatrist, and author. University of Washington Children's Hospital, supervisor in consult and liaison division of child psychiatry, staff psychologist in adolescent clinic, and lecturer in teaching programs of psychiatry and behavioral science, child psychiatry, social work, and adolescent medicine and practices, 1980—; psychiatrist in private practice, 1982—.


American Psychological Association, Washington State Psychological Association.


(With Jennifer Wyatt) The Seven-Year Stretch: How the Family Works Together to Grow through Adolescence, Houghton Mifflin (Boston, MA), 1997.

(With Jennifer Wyatt) The Launching Years: Strategies for Parenting from Senior Year to College Life, Three River's Press (New York), 2002.

Contributor to The Inside Story on Teenage Girls, American Psychological Association; contributor to academic journals.


Laura Kastner is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry and specializes in work and research regarding adolescents. Her two books, both co-written with Jennifer Wyatt, give parents insights and strategies for dealing with their young teenagers.

The Seven-Year Stretch: How Families Work Together to Grow through Adolescence, examines the growth of a young person within the framework of a family. Kastner considers such topics as self-esteem, freedom, risk-taking, and social skills through a series of vignettes involving families struggling with these issues. A Publishers Weekly reviewer commented that "the authors' conversational, anecdotal, and holistic approach has something to offer nearly all parents of teens." Kay L. Brodie of Library Journal called this book a "valuable resource."

In The Launching Years: Strategies for Parenting from Senior Year to College Life Kastner offers parents various approaches to help cope with the stress of "launching" their teen from the safe haven of home, out into the world. Topics include the college application process, graduation, leaving siblings behind, and parenting from far away. Highlighted in the book is the fact that these days, parenting lasts longer than it used to. Many kids still need someone to help keep them on track with studies, give advice about social situations, and even help with the job search after college. Stephanie Dunnewind in the Seattle Times quoted Kastner as saying, "People don't get married until twenty-five and twenty-seven.…It takes longer to develop the emotional, social, and coping skills to live in a more complex society." Norman Goldman noted in Blether Book Review online that "a great strength of the book is the down to earth advice and easy-to-read format. To enliven the material, authors effectively use sidebars …summarizing the major principles they advocate." Vanessa Bush of Booklist explained that "this book aims to help parents and adolescents negotiate new rules in their relationships."



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