Kaish, Stanley 1931-

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Kaish, Stanley 1931-


Born 1931. Education: Cornell University, B.A.; University of Pennsylvania, M.B.A.; New York University, Ph.D.


Home—Springfield, NJ. E-mail—[email protected].


Rutgers School of Management, Newark, NJ, former associate dean and professor emeritus of finance and economics.


Microeconomics: Logic, Tools, and Analysis, Harper & Row (New York, NY), 1976.

(Editor, with Benjamin Gilad) Handbook of Behavioral Economics, JAI Press (Greenwich, CT), 1986.

(With Norman Salsitz) Three Homelands: Memories of a Jewish Life in Poland, Israel, and America, Syracuse University Press (New York, NY), 2002.

Contributor of articles to periodicals.


Stanley Kaish is a retired economics professor who has written extensively about a wide range of financial topics. He also assisted Norman Salsitz with the writing of Salsitz's memoir, Three Homelands: Memories of a Jewish Life in Poland, Israel, and America. The book recounts Salstiz's early life with his orthodox Jewish family, and then his life following his father's murder by the Nazi's in 1942. Salsitz spent the greater part of World War II hiding from and resisting the Germansin Poland. After the war was over, he pretended to be a Catholic and used a false identity to become part of the Polish Army's national security force, a position he used to help other Jews escape anti-Semitism in Poland. Salsitz eventually spent time in Israel and then immigrated to America, where he still harbored an anger for those who caused his family and many others to suffer so horrendously. The story is told in a series of approximately one hundred short vignettes and includes more than fifty photographs. Salsitz died in 2006. George Cohen, writing in Booklist, called Three Homelands "a penetrating account of human resilience and courage." A Publishers Weekly contributor commended both Salsitz and Kaish for their ability to create a "sense of place" and appreciated "the way the characters seem to spring off the page."



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