Humphrey, Sandra McLeod 1936-

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HUMPHREY, Sandra McLeod 1936-

PERSONAL: Born August 6, 1936, in Salt Lake City, UT; daughter of Murdoch John (in military public relations) and Virginia (a social worker; maiden name, Matthews; later surname, Sveeggen) McLeod; married Brian Neil Humphrey (a merchandiser), September 16, 1961; children: Jade Humphrey Sholty, Brandon McLeod, Patricia Humphrey Warren. Ethnicity: "Caucasian." Education: University of Minnesota, B.A. (cum laude), 1958, M.A., 1963. Politics: Independent. Religion: Protestant. Hobbies and other interests: Tennis, swimming, horseback riding, canine obedience classes, reading.

ADDRESSES: Home—19 Westwood Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55305. E-mail—[email protected]

CAREER: Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital, Minneapolis, MN, counseling psychologist, 1960; Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center, Anoka, MN, clinical psychologist, 1961-62; writer of children's books, 1992—. Heroes and Dreams Foundation, writer and consultant; public speaker; guest on media programs. Volunteer with a local death-row ministry and a local youth ministry team; former volunteer with Hennepin County Foster Care Review Board, Western Hennepin County Literacy Action Committee, numerous church-related committees, and animal rights groups, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Hennepin County Humane Society, and National Humane Education Society.

MEMBER: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Children's Literature Network.

AWARDS, HONORS: Certificates of commendation from National Police Officers Association of America, 1973, State of Minnesota, 1979, 1992, and United Federation of Teachers, 2002; award from Character Education Center, 2000, for "exemplary leadership in ethics education."



A Dog Named Sleet, May Davenport Publishers (Los Altos Hills, CA), 1984.

If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?, illustrated by Brian Strassburg, Prometheus Books (Amherst, NY), 1995.

It's Up to You . . . What Do You Do?, illustrated by Brian Strassburg, Prometheus Books (Amherst, NY), 1999.

Keepin' It Real: A Young Teen Talks with God, CSS Publishing (Lima, OH), 2003.

More If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?, illustrated by Brian Strassburg, Prometheus Books (Amherst, NY), 2003.

Contributor of short stories to magazines, including Once upon a Time, Highlights for Children, Listen, Touch, Pockets, and My Friend.

WORK IN PROGRESS: In the Beginning, for Pink Tree Press; When Bad Things Happen, Heroes and Dreams Foundation; Dare to Succeed; A Family Affair—One Family's Experience with Cancer; Letters from Camp;The Case of the Counterfeit Teacher.

SIDELIGHTS: Sandra McLeod Humphrey once told CA: "After working more than thirty-one years as a clinical psychologist, I retired to write books and stories for children.

"My purpose in writing my books and stories is to help our young people develop a strong sense of who they are, where they want to go in this life, and how they intend to get there. And hopefully, my books will make the trip easier (and more fulfilling) for them by helping them to make good choices along the way.

"Every book and every story I write is written to, in some way, help our young people develop strong character and a strong sense of who they are, so that they will not be unduly influenced by peer pressures later on in life and so that they will be able to stand up for what they believe—even when sometimes it may mean standing alone.

"Both of my books about moral choices have received very positive reviews and have also been well received by teachers, parents, and the kids themselves. This is why my publisher asked me to write a third book about moral choices. Teachers tell me that reading and talking about the stories in my books in class make their students much more sensitive to each other's feelings, and some teachers report that their students enjoy roleplaying the stories.

"As I continue to visit schools and confirmation groups to talk about my books and about moral choices in general, it never ceases to amaze me how willing our young people are to share their personal, and sometimes painful, experiences. When I see how very wise and empathic these young people are, I must confess that I feel very reassured about the future of our country."



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Humphrey, Sandra McLeod 1936-

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