Haight, Robert 1955-

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Haight, Robert 1955-


Born August 19, 1955, in Detroit, MI; son of Loyal Henry and Julia Haight; married Tomasa Delgado, September 1, 1979; children: Robert L., Santana. Ethnicity: "Caucasian." Education: Western Michigan University, B.A., 1977, M.F.A., 1986; Michigan State University, graduate study. Hobbies and other interests: Environmental issues, nature.


Home—Marcellus, MI. Office—P.O. Box 4070, Kalamazoo, MI 49004. E-mail—[email protected].


Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, instructor, 1987-89; Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamazoo, member of English faculty, 1989—.


Academy of American Poets, National Council of Teachers of English, Orion Society, Sierra Club.


Grants from Arts Foundation of Michigan and Kalamazoo Foundation; awards from Poetry Society of Michigan and Kalamazoo Gazette.


Water Music (poetry), Ridgeway Press (Roseville, MI), 1994.

Emergences and Spinner Falls (poetry), New Issues Poetry & Prose (Kalamazoo, MI), 2002.


Robert Haight once told CA: "My work attempts to bring a voice to the natural world and our relationship with the earth. The rhythms and music of nature are to me far more beautiful and wise than any of my personal conceptions, so I try to bring language into union with the landscape and with ‘the sound of what happens.’ I have found that to reach beyond my own personality into the world is a continual lesson; the things of the earth and the creatures with whom I share my part of the planet are continually speaking. Now and then I have some insight or some connection I am able to name, and my poetry issues from those moments of grace."