Güse, Ernst-Gerhard

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GÜSE, Ernst-Gerhard




Agent—c/o Author Mail, Prestel Art Books, Mandlstrasse 26, 80802, Munich 40, Germany.


Art historian and writer. Saarland Museum, Saarbrücken, Germany, former director.


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Art historian Ernst-Gerhard Güse is the author of a number of works on artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Only a few have been translated from the original German during Güse's career, however, the first of these being Auguste Rodin: Drawings and Watercolors, published in 1985. Here, Güse compiles five essays on the life and work of this French sculptor to create an exhibition catalog for a Rodin retrospective at a Münster, Germany, museum.

Güse has also edited Richard Serra. This work, too, had its origins as an exhibition catalog for a show that went on to tour several European cities. It includes essays by a number of notable art critics providing judgments on the sculptures by Serra—an artist best known for his monumental, sometimes controversial steel pieces that are erected in public places. Many of these works are included in the two hundred plates of illustrations in the tome. Güse's expertise in creating such an examination of Serra and his work was praised by an AB Bookman's Weekly reviewer, who described the volume as "unquestionably the most comprehensive work issued on Serra and his art to date."

Güse also authored the text for Paul Klee: Dialogue with Nature, another of his works to appear in English translation. Contributors to this 1991 tome on the beloved Swiss artist include Meinrad Maria Grewenig and Richard Verdi. Klee enjoyed a long and diverse career as a sculptor, graphic artist, painter, philosopher, and poet, and was associated with a number of modern European styles and movements. Güse's opinions on Klee's creative efforts are found in one of the included essays, as well as in the commentary that accompanies some of the seventy-nine illustrations. "An impressive production, it turns out to be hollow," declared Times Literary Supplement reviewer Norbert Lynton, who faulted the book for its lack of more precise information about the Klee pieces selected for inclusion, and for the repetition of certain themes about Klee's art and its relationship to the natural world.

For Matisse: Drawings and Sculpture Güse served as editor and author of the introduction for this shortened catalog from a show of the same title that was mounted in Saarbrucken, Germany, in the spring of 1991. French master Henri Matisse's fresh, abstract figure drawings and three-dimensional works depicting the human body are compared, and Güse links the two in his essay. The work also contains a biography of Matisse and some of the artist's own writings about his work. Paula Frosch, reviewing Matisse for Library Journal, called it "a delight for the eye and a stimulus for the mind."

Güse has also co-edited Giorgio Morandi: Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings, Etchings with Franz Armin Morat. This treatise discusses the work of a forgotten Italian painter who worked first in cubism, then headed into the rather surprising—for his era and back-ground—field of abstract still lifes. "Morandi spent his career arranging different configurations, 'stopping' light in different ways, creating visual chords by interrupting its passage," observed Merlin James in the Times Literary Supplement. "The new book, reproducing the oils stunningly, reiterates the judgment that this 'delicate and human' artist is a 'great minor master.'"



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