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Graves, Lindsay




Home—Los Angeles, CA.


Author. Worked previously as an assistant to a publicist and as a freelance writer; produced a movie for Hallmark and wrote screenplays.


To Catch a Husband (novel; "Ex-Wives" series), Ballantine Books (New York, NY), 2006.

To Keep a Husband (novel; "Ex-Wives" series), Ballantine Books (New York, NY), 2007.


A home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and a writing career that includes film credits have given Lindsay Graves a unique perspective on the lives of the fabulously wealthy and of those who wish to be. She was inspired to write her "Ex-Wives" series of novels after a summer spent renting a villa in an exclusive community, surrounded by the divorcées of rich and influential men. Her books follow four high-society women who have been cast aside by their husbands and are now looking for replacement relationships to pad their quickly depleting wallets. Graves's debut, To Catch a Husband, sees the women hone in on one billionaire in particular, and the race is on to become his next trophy wife. Armchair Interviews contributor Erica Marston described the novel as having "just the right mix of money, gossip, fashion, scheming and all-around outrageousness." A reviewer for Publishers Weekly called To Catch a Husband an "impressive and uncomfortably funny debut," noting that Graves has a "flair for mixing high-brow references with chick lit's light humor."

Graves's follow-up novel, To Keep a Husband, sees one of the foursome already hitched and the other three at various stages of their mission to remarry. "Graves's characters are unique and sympathetic," remarked a Publishers Weekly critic, "and their exploits and entanglements provide fast-paced fun." Booklist reviewer Maria Hatton found the novel "a wonderfully juicy, fun, and farcical tale."



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