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Clinch, Jon


Born in NY; married; children: a daughter. Education: Graduate of Syracuse University, bachelor's degree, 1976.


E-mail—[email protected].


Educator, advertising executive, and writer. Has taught American literature, been creative director for a Philadelphia advertising agency, and run his own advertising agency in the Philadelphia suburbs.


Finn (novel), Random House (New York, NY), 2007.

Stories have appeared in periodicals, including John Gardner's magazine MSS. Also author of the Horsehair Couch Web blog.


In his first novel, Finn, author Jon Clinch examines the world of Mark Twain's fictional character Huckleberry Finn in a novel that features the life of Huckleberry's father. Commenting on his novel in an interview on the Knight News Web site, the author noted: "I wanted to do honorable work that respected its source material, and I believe I accomplished that. Besides, it was fun to flesh out some of Twain's more two-dimensional characters: Not just Pap Finn, but the Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher, too." In the novel, Clinch writes of a violent alcoholic who ends up falling in love with and then eventually murdering Huckleberry's black mother, Mary. "From the opening discovery of the murdered woman, the story moves backward and forward in alternating chapters that reflect Finn's tangled relationship with the past," wrote Ron Charles in the Washington Post Book World.

Finn received widespread approval from reviewers. In his review in the Washington Post Book World, Charles noted that the "impossibly complicated relationship [between Finn and Mary] is the heart of the novel and a testament to Clinch's sensitivity, his willingness to trace the threads of passion no matter where they lead." Edward B. St. John, writing in the Library Journal, commented: "Every fan of Twain's masterpiece will want to read this inspired spin-off."



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