Chafer, Lewis Sperry 1871-1952

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CHAFER, Lewis Sperry 1871-1952


Born February 27, 1871, in Rock Creek, OH; died August 22, 1952, in Dallas, TX; son of Thomas Franklin (a Congregational minister) and Losi Lomita (Sperry) Chafer; married Ella Loraine Case, 1896. Education: Attended Oberlin College, 1889-92; studied theology privately.


Ordained Congregational minister, 1900; ordained Presbyterian minister, 1907; assistant pastor of Congregational church in Painesville, OH, after 1896; pastor of Congregational church in Buffalo, NY; farmer and schoolteacher in Northfield, MA, beginning 1901; extension teacher for Bible correspondence school in New York, beginning 1915; pastor in Dallas, TX, 1920s; Evangelical Theological College (now Dallas Theological Seminary), founder, 1924, president and professor of systematic theology, 1924-52. Central American Mission, director; speaker at Bible conferences.


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Chafer, Lewis Sperry 1871-1952

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