Brownjohn, John 1929–

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Brownjohn, John 1929–

(J. Brownjohn, John Nevil Maxwell Brownjohn)

PERSONAL: Born April 11, 1929, in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England; son of Sir Nevil Charles Dowell (a military general) and Isabelle Brownjohn; married Jacqueline Sally Byrd, 1969; children: Emma Louise, Jonathan Nevil. Ethnicity: "English." Education: Lincoln College, Oxford, M.A., 1952. Religion: Church of England.

ADDRESSES: Home and office—Vine House, Nether Compton, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4QA, England. E-mail[email protected]

CAREER: Literary translator and screenwriter, 1957–. Military service: British Army, Somersetshire Light Infantry, served with Royal West African Frontier Force, 1948–49.

MEMBER: Translators Association, Society of Authors (chair of executive committee, 1976).

AWARDS, HONORS: Schlegel-Tieck Award, 1979, for translation of People and Politics: The Years 1960–1975, 1993, for translations of The Swedish Cavalier and Infanta, and 1999, for translation of Heroes like Us; Goethe-House Prize, International PEN, 1981, for translation of A German Love Story; Christopher Award, 1995; Helen and Kurt Wolff Prize, 1998, for translations of The Karnau Tapes and Heroes like Us.



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Also translated Dali, 1992; The Survivor, 1994; Picasso, 1994; The Giraffe Has a Long Neck, 1995; Claude Monet, 1996; Pierre Lalande, 1996; Love of the Draw by Carl Haffner, 1999; The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Blue-bear, 2000; A Wild Ride through the Night, 2003; Libidissi (novel) by Georg Klein; and Berlin Blues: ein Schauspiel by Ralf Rothmann.


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(With Roman Polanski) Bitter Moon, R.P. Productions/Timothy Burrill Productions, 1992.

(With Roman Polanski) The Ninth Gate, Artisan Pictures, 1999.

Also author of the screenplay The Bear, 1989.

SIDELIGHTS: John Brownjohn once told CA: "As one whose school diet from the age of eight included both Latin and Greek, I lament the modern disdain for a classical education, that door to the development of wide linguistic and cultural interests. It has certainly enhanced my appreciation of our own rich language and furthered my career as a literary translator. A bonus is that I come of a ramified family whose members fought on both sides in World War II, and that my adult years have been divided among several European countries. I am not a natural originator of literary material. My forte is working on and sometimes—dare I say it?—refining the creative achievements of others. The only original creative writing I undertake is for the screen. The teamwork entailed by this activity forms an enjoyable and stimulating contrast to my solitary occupation as a translator."



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