Beach, Shelley

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Beach, Shelley


Married; husband's name Dan; children: Nathan, Jessica. Education: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. M.R.E., 1990.




Writer, educator. English teacher at a Christian school. Cornerstone University, adjunct instructor. Fidelis Fund Development, freelance writer.


Hallie's Heart: A Novel, Kregel Publications (Grand Rapids, MI), 2007.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand: Meditations for Caregivers, Discovery House Publishers (Grand Rapids, MI), 2007.

Contributor of articles to newspapers and magazines.


Writer Shelley Beach noted on her Web site, "My passion is to illuminate truth, God's truth, through the power of story." With her 2007 fiction debut, Hallie's Heart: A Novel, Beach tells the story of a troubled child and an aunt who seek forgiveness in one another. Former teacher Mona VanderMolen has a burden of guilt, for her niece died while under her care and supervision. Now in the antiques business, Mona is facing economic hard times and emotional complications over the tragic death. Mona's sister cannot forgive her for the loss and does not allow her remaining daughter, Hallie, to visit Mona. Yet Hallie is also suffering after the death of her sister and runs away from her parents' home to find refuge with Mona. Together the unlikely pair try to work through their communal guilt, in this "competent work with believable characters and a thought-provoking plot," as Library Journal reviewer Tamara Butler termed the book. Similarly, C.J. Darlington, writing on, felt that "the theme of forgiveness is gently and convincingly woven through the pages of this contemporary story." Darlington went on to term Hallie's Heart "a touching family story and a refreshing debut novel."



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