Varvoglis, Mario

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Varvoglis, Mario

Varvoglis, Mario, Greek composer and teacher; b. Brussels, Dec. 22, 1885; d. Athens, July 30, 1967. He studied in Paris at the Cons, with Leroux and G. Caussade and at the Schola Cantorum with d´lndy. Returning to Athens, he taught at the Cons. (1920-24) and at the Hellenic Cons, (from 1924), where he was co-director in 1947; served as president of the League of Greek Composers (from 1957). His output was strongly influenced by d´Indy, Fauré, and Ravel.


dramatic: Opera: Aya Varvara (1912; only fragments extant); Tó apóyeme tís agápis (The Afternoon of Love; 1935; Athens, June 10,1944). OTHER: Incidental music to 6 Greek dramas. O R C H. : Tó panigyri,tone poem (1906-09); Suite pastoralefor Strings (1912; also for String Quartet); Sainte-Barbara,symphonic prelude (1912); Caprice grecfor Cello and Orch. (1914; also for Cello and Piano); Sym. (c. 1919; destroyed); Daphnes ke kyparissia (Laurels and Cypresses), symphonic study (1950). CHAMBER: Hommage à César Franckfor Violin and Piano (1922); Meditation of Aretifor String Quartet (1929); Stochasmós (Meditation) for String Quartet (1932; rev. for String Orch., 1936); Laikó poíma (Folk Poem) for Piano Trio (1943); piano pieces, including 14 for children. VOCAL: Choruses; songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire